Member Testimonials

"As a graduate of The Master's Program, I see the Barnabas Group as a natural offshoot and the next step in the evolution of what we can do in DFW to advance God's Kingdom. I am humbled to be even a small part of such a tremendous undertaking which will provide fruit for years to come. It is so exciting to see God working in such a powerful way in the lives of the people dedicated to making The Barnabas Group DFW a reality. I am looking forward to this amazing journey to see God work in many more lives and to make a difference for the many ministries that we will have the opportunity to assist along the way."

Gregory S. Thomas, President, Delta Oil & Gas, Fort Worth, Texas

"Through the Barnabas Group, we have an incredible opportunity to advance Kingdom causes with the talents we have developed in our professional lives. Join us and make a difference in our world while extending your legacy! I came to learn about The Barnabas Group during my walk through The Master's Program, which literally changed my life by changing my perspective. Before TMP, I would spend 60 - 80 hours per week some weeks to deploy or address a business opportunity. But those same talents were not used effectively for Kingdom purposes. One day Bob Shank, the founder of The Master's Program, asked us to envision what it will look like when we retire and challenged me to really look for the sweet spot where business and ministry intersect. I have been praying about it ever since and my life has taken radical turns for the good. The great commission wasn't just for the disciples, it was for us too."

Rick Jones, President, Stronger Than Espresso - Founding Partner, Soulful Creations, McKinney, Texas

"Thank you for the introduction to the Barnabas group. It was perfect timing to for me and my family and above all it was a sincere pleasure meeting to wonderful men with a passion that I share."

Michael Sealy, Sealy & Company Inc. - VP Equity Capital, Dallas, Texas

"I have spent years around all kinds of very deserving Kingdom ministries. I have never seen anything close to the way The Barnabas Group rallies the believers of a community to listen to the needs of ministries and muster the time, talent and treasure to help them in numerous ways. I am extremely passionate about the Barnabas Group DFW and so appreciate the Lord breathing life into it so we can make it a success. It appears we have the perfect team, at the right time and with the right formula!"

Wally Naftzger , TBG-DFW Director of Membership Development, Dallas, Texas